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February 2020 Good Deals


This year, Chinese New Year falls on Saturday, January 25 in 2020 – the Year of the Rat – but there’s still time to catch some celebrations which are happening on Sunday 2nd February, so go out and celebrate if you like! 

    Paris on Sunday 2nd February 2020:

    • Porte d’Ivry (13th Arrondissement) – 1pm-5pm – the parade starts at 2pm at 44 Porte d’Ivry
    • Le Marais town hall (February 3rd to 8th) – a week of culture and events! Workshops, conferences, including a crossover with Chinese LGBT week, music and loads more!



    February in France is carnival month. It’s one final moment of decadence and hedonism before the goody-two-shoes period of Lent, so it’s really time to have fun! Go out and see the colourful floats and costumes to spice up this dreary wintery month. Here’s where:

    • The Carnaval de Paris will be on 23rd February 2020 at Place Gambetta at 2pm- read more about the tradition of carnaval de Paris here :
    • Carnaval de Nice: this two week festival will be full of parades, shows and performers from all over the world! Nice often attracts up to a million visitors for the carnival so go and be one of them – catch it from 15th – 19th February 2020 & read more here:
    • There are carnivals all over France! Have a look at the list here,



    Yes this really is a festival all about citrus fruits in Menton, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur. It takes place from 15th February – 3rd March 2020 and will feature a range of structures built with tens of thousands of lemons and oranges to celebrate the importance of the fruit to that area of the country, as well as citrusy parades and parties. When life gives you lemons, throw a festival, right?


    FETE DU MIMOSA in Alpes Maritimes

    Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Mimosa Festival will take place on Sunday 23rd  February 2020, to celebrate the millions of sweet smelling Mimosa flowers known as “yellow suns” beginning to bloom. Find out more here.

    CLIMATE EXHIBITION: Our World is Burning 

    This exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris will take place from February 21st to May 17th 2020, and it uses fire as a symbol of danger to explore the connections among ecological disasters, wars, and flammable international relations in the early 21st century, and their impact on contemporary creation.



    Remember that some museums, especially in Paris, offer free entry on the first Sunday of each month (which will be the 2nd February this month) to help make culture more accessible for all!


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