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Life in France

Marcel Proust

27 October 2015

FRENCH FIGURE Marcel Proust was a French intellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of In Search of Lost Time. Read More

Les Madeleines

27 October 2015

FRENCH RECIPE: LES MADELEINES These small cakes, traditional of the Lorraine region, are the emblems of children’s snacks in France. These sweet and soft delights… Read More

Month of Memory

27 October 2015

FRENCH TRADITION: With All Saints’ and Remembrance Day, November in France marks the month of memory. Read More

Teaching English

22 October 2015

I wanted a job where I could speak English. I decided to work for Babylangues when I first arrived in Paris. Read More

Maison de l’Europe

21 October 2015

Maison de l'Europe à Bordeaux - Cultural activities - Calendar - Apéro multilingue - What to do in Bordeaux? Life in France… Read More


19 October 2015

Share the Babylangues Experience! Jemma, one of our Instructors, is writing a blog about her experience in Paris. Read what she has to say about… Read More


7 October 2015

#2 FLÂNER Perhaps the most Parisian of all French words, flâner originates from the Old Norse ‘flana’, meaning, ‘to get into something heedlessly’. Read More

Henri Maire

2 October 2015

Coming from a long line of winegrowers and vineyard owners since the seventeenth century, Henri Maire worked hard to put the great wines of Jura… Read More

Boeuf bourguignon

2 October 2015

French Recipe: ‘BOEuf Bourguignon’ (easy version) An exquisite traditional recipe to tantalise your taste buds, made with Burgundy red wine! This is the perfect feel-good… Read More

Les Vendanges

2 October 2015

“Vendanges” is the term used in France to denote the grape-picking season, with harvests in many regions later used for wine production. Read More

The Opéra district

1 October 2015

NIGHTTIME GUIDED TOUR: THE OPÉRA DISTRICT. Friday 30th October at 6:45pm With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris… Read More


1 October 2015

From Bruges to Brussels, come discover Belgium’s two finest cities. Every aspect of this fascinating country beckons you to learn about the culture of art. Read More

Saint Germain

1 October 2015

Guided tour Saturday 10th October at 2:30pm. With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris… Read More


1 October 2015

WEEKEND VIN & CHATEAUX DE LA LOIRE. Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October. With our partner To Be Erasmus in Paris. Read More


1 October 2015

Held every year on the first Saturday of October, the city of lights stays true to its reputation, blossoming into a fantastic harvest of art,… Read More


30 September 2015

LES "INTRADUISIBLES". Too French for translation... #1 Dépaysement Learn French with Babylangues. Read More

Nuit Blanche

30 September 2015

"NUIT BLANCHE": AN ARTISTIC STROLL in paris Saturday 3rd October at 6:45pm. With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris. Read More

Day out: Giverny

29 September 2015

SUNDAY 4TH OCTOBER AT 10:30AM Join us as we retrace the steps of Claude Monet to discover his gardens and house. Read More

Babylangues Review #1

25 September 2015

A BABYLANGUES REVIEW BY A FORMER INSTRUCTOR Interested in another Babylangues review? Read our Testimonials page. “I was based in Paris,… Read More

Boat Party!

7 September 2015

SATURDAY 20TH JANUARY 2018 AT 8PM. Get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime with us here at Babylangues. Read More

Visit Montmartre

4 September 2015

Saturday 12th September at 2:30pm. With the CIJP - Club International des Jeunes à Paris. Discover one of the last remaining villages of Paris. Read More

‘Tarte Tatin’

3 September 2015

French Cuisine: The famous Tarte Tatin (easy version) In France, we have a wide range of apples and autumn is the chance to taste a… Read More

Daniel Pennac

3 September 2015

French Celebrity: Daniel Pennac and the Belleville district in his works The Belleville district, situated above Ménilmontant in North-East Paris, is home to one of… Read More

Bilingual bookshops

3 September 2015

Places not to be missed: bilingual bookshops in Paris If we are to judge the inhabitants of a city by the number of bookstores in… Read More

La rentrée littéraire

20 August 2015

The rentrée littéraire is a practice adopted by French publishers, characterised by a large number of new book releases (all styles and genres mixed together)… Read More

A great part time job

28 January 2015

I chose to become a Babylangues instructor because I wanted to have a flexible part time job alongside my studies in Paris. Read More