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Life in France

Weekend à Bordeaux

31 March 2017

Coming to France is one thing, but getting a true insight into its heritage is another! Join us for a weekend away to Bordeaux!… Read More

Metro-expo-resto #5

8 March 2017

Don't be fooled by the latter half of the station name - "Bienvenüe" doesn't mean "welcome to Montparnasse", as might be commonly mistaken. Read More

Château de la Loire

8 March 2017

CIJP: CHÂTEAU DE LA LOIRE Saturday 18th March to Sunday 19th March  After setting off from Paris you will head straight to Cheverny… Read More


7 March 2017

Each year on 20th March the Journée internationale de la Francophonie is celebrated across France. Read More

Les Blagues Carambar

7 March 2017

The French have even created the expression 'les blagues Carambar' to refer to a bad or childish joke! However these jokes still make the French… Read More

Tongue Twisters

7 March 2017

This article on Tongue Twisters will come in particularly handy, not just to impress your French friends but also to improve pronunciation and grammar in… Read More

Easy Artichauts

7 March 2017

Artichokes are such beautiful vegetables that always draw attention at the market. The thought of cooking them is, however, a little daunting. Where do you… Read More

March Events

7 March 2017

Discover our selection of good deals for events in March in France. Poetry and Design festivals, International Women's Day and even a Dictée!… Read More

Week-end en Belgique

1 February 2017

Week-end en Belgique - Coming to France is one thing, but getting a true insight into its heritage is another! Get out of Paris for… Read More

February Events

1 February 2017

Discover our selection of events in January in Paris. Exhibitions, concerts, carnavals and many other exciting good deals. Read More

Charlotte Chante

1 February 2017

Get to grips with some colloquial language with this humorous song by up-and-coming French singer, Charlotte Chante Charlotte! … Read More

Fondant au chocolat

1 February 2017

Warm yourself with a little bit of chocolate comfort this winter with our super easy recipe for a Chocolate Fondant. Read More

La Fromagerie

31 January 2017

Here are some tips to help you choose a good cheese so that you can head down to the local fromagerie or the cheese seller… Read More

La Saint-Valentin

31 January 2017

Valentine's Day has become a commercial celebration spread across Western Europe but do the French do it differently?… Read More

Weekend in Normandie

31 December 2016

Weekend in Normandie - Coming to France is one thing, but getting a true insight into its heritage is another! Get out of Paris for… Read More

Galette des Rois

31 December 2016

Discover our Galette recipe - this can be severed in various forms; here is a simple but delicious recipe so you can still enjoy it… Read More


31 December 2016

The postal service in France is called La Poste. It is the most important postal network in Europe. That however, does not make it any… Read More

The Letter Song

31 December 2016

En relisant ta lettre lyrics - This is our French song selection for the month of January. Listen to the lyrics of this song to… Read More

Les Etrennes

31 December 2016

Les Voeux et Les Etrennes is the French tradition of giving presents on New Year's Day. Originating in the Roman period it has prevailed until… Read More

January Events

20 December 2016

Discover our selection of events in January in Paris. Exhibitions, concerts, Expolangues and many other exciting good deals. Read More

Pain d’épices

30 November 2016

This spiced ginger loaf is a very old cake which has its origins in Antiquity. It is mostly consumed in France especially in winter. Read More

Christmas in Provence

30 November 2016

Each region has its own Christmas traditions, but none in France is as rich in colourful traditions as that of Provence in December. Read More

French Products

30 November 2016

Going food shopping, what may seem like a simple task, presents some surprising obstacles. Read More

Christmas Shoebox

28 November 2016

Many Babylangues Instructors remember putting together a shoebox for Christmas when they were younger so we invite them to share this thoughtful and giving Anglo-Saxon… Read More

Flexible Work

22 November 2016

I would recommend Babylangues to my friends because of the supportive team and flexible work. It has been a great start to living in Paris. Read More

Metro-expo-resto #3

15 November 2016

Tucked away in the eighteenth arrondissement, this Métro station can be found at the square of the same name, Place Blanche. Read More


15 November 2016

Photography exhibition : Louis Faurer at the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation. Read More

Paris Song

31 October 2016

SONG OF THE MONTH: This month we have chosen the song 'Paris sera toujours Paris'. Read More

Metro-expo-resto #1

12 October 2016

Break out of the mould of “métro, boulot, dodo”. Join us in our quest to discover the various stations dotted across the city. Read More

October in Paris

10 October 2016

Our selection of events to enjoy October in Paris! - Calendar and good deals What to do in Octoebr in Paris? Life in France… Read More

October Song

10 October 2016

Discover the words of a French song to help boost your vocabulary! This month, the beautiful song by Francis Cabrel, ‘Octobre’. Read More

Drawing Competition

3 October 2016

"AROUND THE WORLD" COMPETITION! Our instructors can win tickets for a weekend trip to Normandie! This week is about discovering the world!… Read More

Trip to Giverny

31 August 2016

Join us as we retrace the steps of Claude Monet to discover his gardens and house, along with the Old Mill of Vernon. Read More

Day out to Normandy

31 August 2016

Coming to France is one thing, but getting a true insight into its heritage is another! Join us for a day out to the Normandy… Read More

September in France

31 August 2016

Just like every year in September, L’Humanité will be organising an array of concerts, debates and conferences for the weekend at the George-Valbon park in… Read More

André Le Nôtre

31 August 2016

The King of the gardeners, André Le Nôtre is responsible for making the French garden style famous throughout Europe. Read More

French Gardens

31 August 2016

In 2009, the French voted that the garden was the second most important room in the house. Read More


4 July 2016

The French noun piston, often found in the expression (se faire) pistonner, is an informal way of describing the preferential treatment received by an individual… Read More

Choosing a good wine

4 July 2016

The world of French wine can be very confusing, so here are our simple guidelines to help you pick out a good bottle of wine… Read More

Work in Paris

30 June 2016

A very welcoming company to work in Paris, the company is well supported in every domain so questions, queries are attended welcomingly. Read More

Intraduisible #15

31 May 2016

LES « INTRADUISIBLES » Too French for translation… #15 GOURMANDISE The French have a specific term to capture this love of good food: gourmandise. Read More

Nighttime Tour

31 May 2016

Guided Nighttime Tour of the Buttes-aux-Cailles. With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris. Friday 24th June at 7:30pm… Read More

Jules Renard

31 May 2016

French writer, famous for his novel Poil de Carotte, which describes his difficult and unfortunate childhood. Read More

Best Parks in Paris

30 May 2016

Many gardens in Paris are tucked away and remain unknown to many. This list is far from exhaustive but is instead our small personal selection… Read More

Tian de Courgettes

30 May 2016

French Recipe: Tian de Courgettes A tian is the name given to a shallow baking dish and anything cooked in it. This is a very… Read More

Fête de la Musique !

30 May 2016

To acknowledge the summer solstice on 21st June, the Fête de la Musique is an event aimed at all ages and tastes, the chance to… Read More

June in France

30 May 2016

What to do in Paris and in France in June? Do not miss these special events... And of course la Fête de la Musique on… Read More

In the media

23 May 2016

Babylangues was recently featured on “On n’est plus des pigeons“ which is aired on the channel France 4. Read More