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Life in France

Find a Job in France Today!

7 September 2019

Join Babylangues, France’s leading specialist in early language acquisition, recruiting part-time Language Instructors on a rolling basis! Looking for a part-time job? Want to… Read More

Les Mardis – September 2019

6 September 2019

Our language instruction evening in Paris is making yet another great monthly comeback - and don’t forget, it’s free entry for Babylangues instructors and your… Read More


3 September 2019

French children are heading back to school and La Rentrée has begun, but how exactly does the French school system work? If you’re wondering what… Read More

French song: Sacré Charlemagne

2 September 2019

         This month’s song is Sacré Charlemagne by France Gall:  It is mostly believed that Charlemagne basically invented school in the middle ages, and then over… Read More

Cinema Night – Palais Royal

2 September 2019

An enjoyable French comedy with Valérie Lemercier. A whirlwind of catastophies in the Royal palace provide us with hilarious and unforgettable moments!… Read More

Les Mardis – August 2019

12 July 2019

LES Mardis de Babylangues – LANGUAGE EXCHANGE Free entry for Babylangues instructors and your first drink is on us! Are you still yet to… Read More

FREE TOUR – Le Luxembourg

9 July 2019

Free Guided Tour “PARISIen D’UN JOUR, PARISIEN TOUJOURS“ Babylangues is offering its instructors the chance to visit a part of Paris in the company of… Read More

French Cinema Night – Les Gamins

23 May 2019

 ‘BABYLANGUES FAIT SON CINÉMA’ : BABYLANGUES HOSTS AN EVENING OF FRENCH CINEMA The Babylangues French Cinema Evening returns this month with a classic French film. This… Read More

Toolkit – Being active

21 March 2019

Being active It is safe to say that French life and culture is very different from the rest of the world. Typically the French are… Read More

Les Mardis – avril 2019

7 March 2019

The Mardis de Babylangues are dedicated to conversation and language exchange with French native speakers. All levels of French are welcome, so do not miss… Read More

March 2019 Events

4 March 2019

GOOD DEALS AND EVENTS IN MARCH 2019 Discover the unusual festivals, exhibitions and celebrations in France this month. All up to date, so enjoy the good… Read More

Comme d’habitude

4 March 2019

“Comme d'habitude ” is one of France's most famous songs in history. Released in 1967, Comme d'habitude, French for "As usual" was produced by Claude… Read More


1 March 2019

Free Guided Tour “PARISIen D’UN JOUR, PARISIEN TOUJOURS“ Babylangues is offering its instructors the chance to visit a part of Paris in the company of… Read More

Baby Blague #18

1 March 2019

BABY BLAGUE #18 Quelle est la femelle du hamster? (What is the female for a hamster?) Hamsterdame!  (Hamsterdame) This Babyblague is “furry” good, as it… Read More

Tarte Tatin

1 March 2019

FRENCH RECIPE – TARTE TATIN France is a country renowned for its delicacies. In each city across the country there are countless boulangeries, meaning you… Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto – Place Monge

1 March 2019

“Métro, expo, resto” Break out of the mould of “métro, boulot, dodo” (a French expression that, translated literally, means “Métro, work, sleep”) and get ready… Read More

Baby Blague #17

3 February 2019

Dans la phrase "le voleur a volé une télévision", où est le sujet ?  (In the phrase "the thief stole a television, where is the… Read More

Untranslatable – pied-à-terre

1 February 2019

LES INTRADUISIBLES : pied-à-terre Ready for this month’s Intraduisible? A “pied-à-terre” is a second residence that’s far away from your original one. It… Read More

Carnaval de Nice

1 February 2019

Carnaval de Nice The Carnaval de Nice is a very special time in the city’s calendar! Nice is a lovely city on the French riviera. Read More

French Tradition La Chandeleur

1 February 2019

The French tradition La Chandeleur (Candlemas) takes place on the 2nd February. Actually it is considered the last cycle of the Christmas celebration. So in… Read More


1 February 2019

“Métro, expo, resto” Break out of the mould of “métro, boulot, dodo” (a French expression that, translated literally, means “Métro, work, sleep”) and get ready… Read More

Toolkit: Small Talk

1 February 2019

small talk Learning a language is incredibly rewarding. At Babylangues we know that learning French may seem challenging, but being able to speak… Read More

February 2019 Events

1 February 2019

When life gives you lemons, celebrate them! The town of Menton will be holding their annual lemon festival to celebrate the importance of the fruit… Read More

Crêpes for La Chandeleur

1 February 2019

Will you be making crêpes for La Chandeleur? The crêpe is a French pancake which is traditionally served on the 2nd of February, the day… Read More

Weekend in Belgium!

18 January 2019

It’s the long awaited trip, where we’ll be visiting Brussels, Gent and Bruges!  Stroll through the narrow streets, the romantic canals and peaceful parks in… Read More

Paris public transportation

15 January 2019

When moving to any new city, one of the main concerns is public transport and working out how to get about. THE PARIS SYSTEM The Paris… Read More

Baby Blague #16

4 January 2019

Qu'est-ce qui tombe sans faire de bruit ? (What falls without making a sound?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. The jokes… Read More

Untranslatable – Tartiner

2 January 2019

“Tartiner” means to spread a substance on a piece of bread or toast. You could “tartine” just about anything onto your slice: cheese, honey, butter...the… Read More

January 2019 Events

2 January 2019

Fashion week is back in town folks! That means loads of runways, exhibitions and the opportunity to even spot a celebrity around town. The men’s… Read More

La Saint-Sylvestre

2 January 2019

La Saint-Sylvestre is an alternate name for New Year's Eve in France. It is because the 31st December is the feast day of Saint-Sylvestre in… Read More

Petit Fours Salés

2 January 2019

We at Babylangues love helping our instructors discover classic French culture and what could be more classically French than the baguette? However, baguettes are usually… Read More

Toolkit: With the kids

2 January 2019

Since Babylangues is all about the relationship between an instructor and the children, we thought it would only be fitting to have this month’s toolkit… Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto-Etienne Marcel

27 December 2018

Keeping with our theme of Babylangues this month, we’ve chosen to cover Étienne Marcel in our Metro-Expo-Resto section this month. It is one of the… Read More

Best Christmas Markets

30 November 2018

hristmas markets are without a doubt the best way to get into the holiday spirit. There is nothing better than wandering past stalls glistening with… Read More

French Borrowing

29 November 2018

As much as the Academie Française wants to protect the purity of the French language, language borrowing is a process as old as languages itself… Read More

Baby Blague #15

29 November 2018

Quel est le jeu préféré des philosophes ? (What is a philosopher's favourite game?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. The jokes are… Read More

Day trip to Champagne

28 November 2018

Make a journey to Reims to explore the cathedral, the vineyards, and of course the champagne! This trip promises to be an activity-packed day out. Read More

Untranslatable – Crapoter

28 November 2018

“Crapoter” is a very interesting little word, meaning “to fake smoke”. It is when someone doesn’t inhale the smoke while smoking a cigarette but puffs… Read More

December 2018 Events

28 November 2018

The yearly Festival of Light is coming to Lyon! Every December, the festival attracts thousands of tourists who come to admire the public light installations. Read More

Le Réveillon de Noël

27 November 2018

In France, they celebrate Le Réveillon de Noël on the 24th December with family or close acquaintances in the form of a large meal before… Read More

Sablés Flocon de Neige

27 November 2018

Sablés are a traditional French biscuit made of flour sugar and butter. They often have a crumbly texture and are great as a sweet snack!… Read More