“I’m an exchange student at Sciences Po Paris. I wanted to get new experience in a new field and to gain extra money for my free hours after school. Working in Paris as a student really helped me discover the city.

Babylangues was the only company that caught my attention while looking online and was the only one i applied to. It is a great company that offers you a good job and helps you blend in the city.

This is my first time getting a paid job, it taught me a little about work ethics especially that I’m working with kids, I also understood what it feels like to work hard and get paid for the effort you have made.

Just becoming familiar with the kids and getting to see them every week was great for me because I really love children. Their happy faces usually made my rough days a little better.

Working with the families and the kids taught me a little more French. It was nice to be able to know more about the culture through the eyes of a child, because this is usually the purest sense of the culture.

Thank you for offering me the job and this great experience!”

Sali, Babylangues Instructor and Exchange Student in at Sciences Po Paris, May 18th 2019


Thank you Sali for the time you spent with us! Discover our opportunities and apply for our jobs in France.

The Babylangues Team