“my Time With Babylangues Has Been Invaluable”

“I was preparing to study in Paris for the semester and saw working in France as an opportunity to immerse myself in the culture while earning a little money. Because I had never studied French before arriving here, this gave me the opportunity to do so when I had thought it would not be a possibility. Further, I had not worked in childcare jobs but have interacted a lot with the young ones within my own family. I wanted to work in an area I have never worked before, and I feel like I am more rounded person as a result.

I chose the Paris campus of Sciences Po because I was looking forward to a more grown up, metropolitan experience while studying- I did not want to go to a boozy student town. I was expecting a grown up, richly cultural experience.

Babylangues were so efficient with responding to my application.Judging from the website and my interactions with the guy who interviewed me, Babylangues looked it had the most fun, welcoming, and friendly work environment!

You need to be patient in the first few weeks because it can be quite overwhelming, but once you get past this, it is very rewarding. I have always thought of children as just being little adults. My experience has certainly confirmed this. I have also learned to appreciate the fact that different personalities effect how children learn. The best moment is the first time when you realise that the children actually really like you.

It was a privilege to be allowed into the homes of true French families. I was able to pick up on weird little cultural quirks that made me fall in love with Paris within its beautiful buildings.

Overall, my time with Babylangues has been invaluable for my social life outside of work, and for discovering the French culture in an organic way. It has been a privilege to be allowed into the homes and lives of French families, and it has made my time here truly special.”

Lydia, one of our Language Instructors, December 18th 2015