A Very Welcoming Company To Work in Paris

“I was born in Paris, I have a lot of family here, I was also selected to study here. I had worked with children in the past and enjoyed the connection that can be made, despite an age gap. Looking for some extra work in Paris, the idea of teaching children a new language was exciting. I believed I could make a mark in a child’s life for the short time I was here, so it made sense to work at Babylangues.

Many sessions with the kids come to mind. We laughed a lot together, it’s something sentimental to be able to feel the emotion radiating from a child you have not known for long. That trust that is established was the best for me.

Of course I would recommend Babylangues to my friends! It is a well organised company if you have an interest in teaching and dealing with you children.

I enjoyed the freedom they gave when choosing teaching methods, the company is well supported in every domain so questions, queries are attended welcomingly.

I learned a lot about behaviour in children whilst learning and how to manage this. Connecting with children and gaining there attention and control whilst not having to discipline them.

I had no expectations coming here, I knew why and for what I was coming for. I did not however expect to work as much as I did, which I am very happy about”

Mathilde, Babylangues Instructor working in Paris, June 29th 2016


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