A Very Rewarding Work Experience

“I wanted an opportunity to live and explore another city whilst sharing my culture with others. Also I thought it would be a good teaching experience before trying to tackle a full classroom of crazy kids.

I chose a job in Paris because I thought it would be cool to experience the capital city as a local.

I have felt that teaching is a very rewarding experience and when students finally learn a word or phrase, it is great for the teacher. I have also realised that I am definitely NOT ready to be a parent yet. It is always enjoyable when the kids actually learn something that you have been talking to them about for a while.

I wanted to experience Parisian culture and get to know Paris, especially the areas that are not as touristic. This has been met. Also I was expecting to be more fluent in French. Although it has improved, it hasn’t as much as I wanted.

I would recommend this job to some of my friends. I think it takes a very specific type of person to work in this job and you have to be very energetic, even more so than in a classroom.

Thanks for the cookies and coffee in the office. They were amazing!”

Alex, Babylangues Instructor, December 16th 2015


Thank you Alex for the good spirit you have always shown! We were sad to see you leave. You will always be welcome to share cookies and coffee at our Office!

The Babylangues Team