I Wanted A Job Where I Could Speak English

“When I came to Paris for the first time I looked for a job where I can use my language (English). I already had some experience with children, so I thought this might be interesting – teaching English to French children. After the first meeting with the representative, I decided to work for Babylangues.

I have worked with 3 families in total. One difficult and two enjoyable. It was always interesting with those two families. I remember having a tennis match with children, I remember playing restaurants… It was so great that both their mother and I cried like a baby when we shared goodbyes.

I have seen and experienced many different family culture or French culture from the families I have worked for.

I have learned that there is no obvious answer. I have learned that the family education is extremely important and I learned many French words from children. Most importantly, I have learned many effective teaching methods from Babylangues. Honestly, I felt that Babylangues will always support me and I liked the atmosphere of the office.

If I have a friend who is looking for a teaching job and who loves children, I will definitely recommend Babylangues. I will tell them that no matter what happens with the family, Babylangues will always support you and will be on your side. You will learn a lot from children

I would like to thank Babylangues for giving me the opportunity. I will never forget those warm precious moments with the families. Those experiences made me stronger and wiser. Thank you indeed”

Anastacia, Babylangues Instructor, October 21st 2015


Thank you so much Anastacia for the efforts and dedication you have put on teaching English the best way!

We have enjoyed a lot working with you and we wish you all the best!

The Babylangues Team