A Very Human Company

“I was involved on a Study Abroad Program in Paris. I suppose I chose this city because Paris is my favorite city in the world; it’s a city that feels very much alive.

When the Babylangues team came to my school to recruit, and again when I had my first interview, I found them to be an utterly human company who really cared about the needs and happiness of its clientele and employees. I chose to apply to Babylangues for this sense of human and emotional sensibility.

The flexibility, willingness to work with instructors’ needs, and the aforementioned human component sold me. You can tell the company cares about providing the best experience it can to everyone involved, including potential employees even before the hiring has been decided. I felt very welcomed just in the waiting room for my first interview. I really respect the way the Directors have run Babylangues.

I Was Able To See Inside A French Family

Babylangues introduced me to the family, who made me realize the kindness, curiosity, and strength of many French people in a way that my own host family failed at making me see. I was able to see inside a French family’s daily goings-on in a way to which I would not have been privy had I not worked with them.

I have gained a deeper understanding of the way kids play and learn. You can play a game together and learn from each other even without sharing the same language. Constant exposure makes certain lessons stick for each of us. For (the little boy), it’s the Clean-Up song; for me, it was everything that made him and his family unique.

I always love when the mother makes and shares her newest tea-blends with me at snack-time after school. It’s a very treasured moment in the day.

I would encourage my friends to apply while talking about the caring environment of the administration, the good pay, flexible hours, enriching experience of taking care of kids from another culture, and rewarding memories and relationships forged with the families.

I expected to stay here the rest of my life; so far, these expectations seem to be put on hold, but I for sure foresee my return. Whether it’s for the rest of my life remains to be seen.

I’m so grateful for this opportunity to have worked with you and the family. Thank you for everything you have done! I felt like I really “profitée” of my stay here!

Meredith, Babylangues Instructor and Student invoved in an Exchange Program in Paris, December 18th 2015


Thank you so much Meredith for sharing your experience with us! We do try to make our Instructors feel at home in Paris and we are glad that you were able to make the most of your stay in France!

The Babylangues Team