A Great Experience During The Last Two Years!

“I was based in Paris because I would study French at the CCFS program at La Sorbonne and would be starting a life in France with my partner. I was searching for a job where I could apply before entering France, meet new people, learn about life in France with a real French family, and work around a demanding school schedule. Babylangues offered me all of those things and also had a contract prepared for me before I arrived. I interviewed with a very sweet person whom convinced me that Babylangues would be a great opportunity, so I accepted the offer I was first given. I began working just a few days after landing in France and was given an absolutely wonderful family.

I have learned patience, how to interact with French children and families, and I have seen the inner workings of a French company. I have learned to work independently and to prepare lessons for each day, which I know will assist me in my future here. I loved working over the holidays and doing crafts related to Christmas with the kids. I have loved them and I’m really going to miss them. Babylangues did a wonderful job of assigning me this family.

Babylangues began offering many neat things to do within Paris after I was hired but I was already exposed to many of those opportunities thanks to school. I think the company does a good job of making people feel exposed during their gap years or working holidays.

I would like to thank you all for a great experience and for offering me a job before I even arrived in France. My family was incredible and everyone was a pleasure to interact with. I appreciate everything Babylangues did for me during these last two years.”

Amanda, English Instructor in Paris, January 20th 2016