Howdy!! It’s not often that I feel compelled to write reviews… but how could I not share how great an experience I have had with Babylangues! I have just started my sessions with them and couldn’t be happier.

I made the move from Salt Lake City around 15 years ago… feels like 150 if you ask me! I married a French man and so I already had my titre de séjour, making me very much settled in Paris. I didn’t necessarily need the extra perks that they offered such as free French lessons, but I know that if I had been offered something like this when I first arrived, it would have made a WORLD of difference to my daily life! Stuff like this also speaks volumes for where their values lie and just makes the whole process all the more special.

One Of The Perks: Free French Lessons!

Once I had applied, I very quickly received a telephone call which went through my experiences and gave me the chance to make a first impression. They then booked me in for an interview the following day after asking me two or three questions which were very easy to respond to and mainly related to the logistics of what kind of work I was after. 

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A Great Interview!

However, the interview was where the team really shined and I really began to be blown away by the professionalism and passion of Babylangues. I was interviewed by a wonderful woman named Mia who spoke so beautifully about the Babylangues project and all that they are so keen to achieve: their passion for natural language transmission to children is something which has always fascinated me. As someone who has raised bilingual children myself, this passion resonated deeply with me. Mia was eloquent and kind and made me feel immediately welcome in the Babylangues world. I was given the space to talk about my own experiences, passions and my life in general and I felt assured that they take this into account when matching you with a family. I am extremely artistic and a huge fan of dance; they seemed so genuinely interested that it makes me emotional just thinking about it! It felt like I was just having a lovely, genuine conversation and I cannot speak highly about the experience. At the end of the interview, I was also given lots of information about their system of payment, more details concerning the matching process and the next steps in the hiring process.

A Professional Hr Team

After the interview, I received an email within a couple of days confirming that I had been accepted as a Babylangues instructor. The email contained all the necessary information about training, orientation, and paperwork. I was impressed by how organized and efficient they were in handling the administrative side of things. The training took me about two hours but really set me up for great sessions and I felt so much more secure going into the entire process.

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My Experience With Babylangues

Amazing Training

The training itself was comprehensive and well-structured. They provided me with all the resources I needed to effectively teach English to children. The trainers were experienced and knowledgeable, and they created a supportive learning environment. I felt confident and prepared after completing the training program.

Once I started working with my assigned family, I was amazed at the level of support and communication provided by Babylangues. They regularly checked in with me to ensure everything was going well and offered guidance whenever needed. They truly care about the well-being of their instructors and the families they work with.

Great Support

The best part of my experience with Babylangues has been the relationships I have built with the children and their families. It is incredibly rewarding to see the progress the children make in their English language skills and to be a part of their growth and development. The families I have worked with have been welcoming and appreciative of my efforts.

Overall, I cannot recommend Babylangues enough. They go above and beyond to create a positive and enriching experience for both their instructors and the families they serve. If you are looking for a rewarding job opportunity where you can make a real difference in children’s lives, Babylangues is the perfect choice. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing organization and look forward to continuing my journey with them.

Merci Babylangues Team!

My Experience With Babylangues

My experience with Babylangues in Paris France