Many Benefits Come With Working With Babylangues

“I applied to become a Babylangues instructor because I wanted to have the experience of living and working in a new country. I had heard good things online about Babylangues and figured I’d give it a shot. The draw of living in Paris, a major city with so much to do really excited me

From what I read online, it seemed that Babylangues would be a nice company to work for. I enjoy working with kids and the many benefits that come along with working for Babylangues really sold me on your company (ie. free mobile contract, language exchange and social outings).

I have made many friends, explored a different culture and had a great time during the social outings (especially the boat party!). I also gained an amazing working experience while abroad, and a new outlook on the struggle of teaching children who don’t speak my native language. Although it was very hard, I found it rewarding to see the children improve on their English.

Most times when I visited the families that I worked for, I was greeted with open arms by the children. It was always extremely nice to know that they enjoyed our time spent together.

To Caroline and Mathias, and everyone at the office, I’d like to say thank you for the opportunity to work with this amazing company. It was a pleasure to work with each and every one of you!

I expected to explore the culture, meet new people and learn a new language. Although I didn’t get the chance to attend the French lessons as I had hoped, I picked up a lot of the basics of French while living here and doing some lessons online. I was able to truly understand French culture and I met many new people on my journey. With the social outings and available language lessons, Babylangues strongly contributed to the cultural aspect of my stay.

I would absolutely recommend Babylangues to my friends, and already have! I would let them know that the communication within the company is awesome, everyone working at the office is kind and welcoming and there are many benefits that come with working with Babylangues.

Again, thank you for the opportunity that I’ve had to work with Babylangues. Keep doing what you’re doing and I think you’ll only continue to grow. Au revoir!”

Andrew, Canadian Instructor on a Working Holiday, February 29th 2016

Thank you so much Andrew for your lovely message! We have enjoyed having you on board!

The Babylangues Team