How I Became More Independent

“The reason I chose Paris was because I wanted the experience of living and working in France in a large city, living on my own and becoming more independent. Also, because I thought that I could learn more about French history and culture by living in the capital. Finally because of its location, which made it easier to return home.

I originally applied because I was seeking a placement for my university. I wanted to develop my French level, and also to develop my skills such as communication, organization. Also, I wanted to become a babylangues instructor because I wanted to gain teaching experience and be able to teach children English through doing activities.

A great moment was when the family invited me to go to a mini pizzeria with them. We spoke about several things, both about the UK and France. They showed me several places to visit around the district and I really appreciated talking to the family and learning more about French culture.

Babylangues helped a lot by offering excursions and trips, boat parties and much more, in which I made several friends and learned more about the culture of France.

I have developed my French level, and I have also developed other skills such as communication and organization. I have met new friends through Babylangues and learned about the culture of France. I also expected to become more independent and experienced: This expectation was met.

Thank you so much for the experience you have given me. I really loved my sessions with the family. I have gained so much experience from working with you all, and I thank all of you for the support you have given me throughout my time with Babylangues.

I would recommend Babylangues to my friends, and tell them of the experiences that it can offer and opportunities to both develop your French and learn more about the cultural side of France, and also develop your teaching skills.”

James, Babylangues Instructor, January 29th 2016