I Was Impressed With The Training Session & Lesson Plans

“I chose to live in Paris to work with a journalist here. I expected to live independently and speak French. I applied to be a Babylangues instructor after seeing the offer on Craigslist. I was intrigued by the way that materials, lesson plans, and a method were provided for instructors. I also wanted to spend time with a French family.

I would recommend Babylangues to friends who are new to Paris and like working with children. I would tell them that they will be well-looked after by the staff. I would also tell them that their work would not solely be teaching children English, but that there would also be a childcare component.

I learned about Parisian school children and met a family in a neighborhood I would not otherwise have known. I have gained a challenging but satisfying experience of connecting with children despite not speaking their language… it was hard at first to gain the children’ trust, but in the end we formed a relationship despite the language barrier. This challenge was gratifying. Decorating the Christmas tree while singing Jingle Bells was the best moment!

I think Babylangues provided many opportunities to improve my experience of French culture. I was impressed with the training session and the fact that lesson plans would be provided. I also found the hiring process efficient and the Babylangues staff very polite.”

Anna, English Instructor working in Paris, December 18th 2015