You Can Choose Your Hours

“I chose to stay in Paris because it offered so many activities and it is one of the most beautiful and inspiring cities in the world. I really wanted to gain experience working with children. I also wanted to make some money for buying groceries and other basic necessities. After finding out about Babylangues, I realized it was the perfect combination for me.

I think it is a great job to have as a foreign student and Babylangues is very accepting and accommodating to your needs. I liked the fact that you could choose your working hours, as well as get reembursed for Velib pass. It also offered friendly staff and a fairly easy process in general.

I have met so many nice people, I have had a chance to have a job in France and get culturally immersed. I was able to see inside the life of a real French family. I learned about the life for a young child in France as well. I was able to meet parents, teachers, and other young children from France which was such a unique experience. I have now a greater understanding of what makes children happy, have fun and listen.

Last night, my family hosted a goodbye dinner in which we came together and enjoyed a traditional french meal. It was so nice to spend one last moment with these lovely families.

I feel very acquainted and immersed in French culture, Babylangues did a good job!”




Jacqueline, English Instructor in Paris, December 18th 2015