Babylangues Was The Most Cultural Aspect Of My Stay

“I was doing an internship in Paris while working with Babylangues. I wanted to work with Babylangues because I wanted a flexible job which would also help me to earn money alongside doing my internship. Also Babylangues was recommended to me by my University.

Babylangues make a great effort to match you with a family that is convenient for you (where you live, work etc). It is a really good experience, the training and help offered is really good and working with children is so fun.

I have gained so much from this work experience, I became very close to the family and going to see them was the best part of my day because we did have so much fun together. Building up a relationship and trust with children is actually really difficult, so I gained an overwhelming sense of achievement when that trust was built. Also, my french vocabulary expanded hugely because my ear became tuned to it. Finally, it was amazing when the children started repeating what I said to them in English because it just showed how effective this method is. My favourite moment with my family was when the two girls showed that they understood me when I was speaking english, and when they sang “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

Working with children, inside their home, picking them up from school and following their routine taught me a lot about French culture. Although I didn’t speak French with the children, they spoke French to me which taught me a lot of different phrases etc.. Also when talking to children about British culture and different festivals they taught me a lot about their own tradition.

I would say that Babylangues was one of the most cultural aspects of my stay. This has really been the most positive experience about my time here in France, I will miss my family so much so thank you for the opportunity!”

Lucy, English Instructor with Babylangues, also an Intern in France, December 18th 2015