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A lovely experience

Thank you for having me!

“I was based in Paris. My mother came here on holiday and told me to move here so I did. I also used to work in a shop that sold a lot of Eiffel tower decorations. I googled how to work in France without French and Babylangues was top of the list. It seemed like a good fit as I had already spent a long time around children. The recruitment team rang me back immediately!

My expectations before coming to France: wine; bread; cheese; people smoking a lot; rude waiters. They were mostly met although the waiters have usually been quite friendly.

The best moment was when the parents sent me photos of me with the children and put me in their photo albums. It’s very lovely when the children actually speak English.  And Babylangues kept putting me on boats which I appreciated!

Thank you for having me and employing me, it has been truly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Babylangues to my friends.”

Alice, English Babylangues Instructor, April 28th 2016

Thank you Alice for all the time you spent with us! We were very lucky to have you on our team. Feel free to come back on our boats!

The Babylangues Team

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“I was placed with a lovely family in the suburbs of Paris. They have welcomed me into their family and definitely provided me with insight into life and cultural practices in France. On multiple occasions they invited me for dinner!”

— Andrew


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