A Great Part Time Job Alongside My Studies

“I chose to become a Babylangues instructor because I wanted to have a flexible part time job alongside my studies in Paris. I wished to be an English instructor in particular as teaching languages is something that I am considering as a future career and this was therefore an excellent opportunity to gain more experience in this field. I was coming to study in Paris at the Sorbonne as part of my year abroad with my university in England.

I particularly wanted to become an instructor for Babylangues as I already knew that the company was reputable, supplied instructors with great resources, but also outside of the job, that they provided a great deal of help with housing, bank accounts, CAFI applied whilst I was still in England so I already had a job organised before I came to Paris.

I chose Babylangues as my sister had worked for Babylangues the previous year and had recommended them to me. I was impressed by the Babylangues company for myself when I arrived in Paris and at how well everything had been organised before I even arrived in France

Through working with Babylangues, I have gained English teaching experience and made connections with new families in France who I hope to keep in touch with in the future.

One of the moments that I will remember from working with my family was towards the end of my placement and the Dad had just returned from work and the girl I worked with and I were in the hallway and she had just been given some bread and she came and sat down on my knee on the floor in the middle of the room to eat her bread, and the Dad said “She likes you!”.

I would recommend Babylangues to my friends and to future students at my university back in England if they are considering a year abroad in France. I would tell them that it is a well organised company who provide fantastic teaching resources for working with young children and who are very helpful when you are first setting yourself up in a foreign country.

Babylangues contributed to the cultural aspect of my stay as by doing this job, I have been able to experience life in a French home with French children.

In terms of my expectations with Babylangues before coming to France, I expected that I would have a comprehensive training session when everything would be explained to the instructors and this was met. I also expected that Babylangues would be helpful and provide information about housing and bank accounts and this was also met.

Thank you for the opportunity to work in France teaching English! I am sure that this will be invaluable in the future.”

Jordan, Instructor at Babylangues, Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Thank you Jordan for this feedback! We loved having you with us! Keep recommending us.