“I had already moved to Paris when I applied to work for Babylangues, I came to Paris because my boyfriend was applying for English teacher jobs here. When I arrived my French was not at a good enough level for me to get a job where I would have to speak French and I had heard that Babylangues was a great opportunity to work in Paris without having to have a required level of French. It sounded like a great opportunity to be able to work in Paris as well as being a part of Parisian life.

A Great Chance To Live & Work in Paris

Working with Babylangues has allowed me to live in Paris for a year and see an insight into Parisian lifestyles. During some of the socials I was able to meet other instructor. It has also given me nearly a year of childcare experience which will be a useful skill going into other jobs. I feel that me and the children I looked after became very close and also that the parents of the children were very welcoming and appreciative of me

My French has gotten better but perhaps still not to the level I would have liked! 

Babylangues is a great chance to live and work in Paris.”

Elizabeth, Thursday, July 2, 2015