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A Babylangues review: Jemma, one of our Instructors, is writing a blog about her experience in Paris. Read what she has to say about us:

The Babylangues Experience

“My day job here in Paris is teaching English to young children and if it weren’t for the company I currently work for it is more than likely that I would still be in the United Kingdom working at the local supermarket petrol station (No I am not joking this was my last job)

I work for a company called Babylangues. Babylangues specialise in early years language acquisition and are the leaders in their respective field.

What makes working with Babylangues so great is not only the fact that you don’t have to speak French in order to work with them but the fact that you get to build a real and lasting relationship with the children you teach.

And when I say teach, I don’t mean sit down in a classroom type teaching, I mean living everyday life using real conversation and playing games to engage and immerse the children.

I haven’t been working with Babylangues for very long (Just over a month now) however the experience so far has been superb.

And they are always looking for new mentors so if you are interested why not visit their site.”