Santi’s Experience in Paris – Babylangues Paris Review

Babylangues Paris Review
Hey there! I’m Santi, and this year I’ve been in Paris, studying International Relations and Politics (and French, of course!). My journey, which kicked off in August and still has a few more months to go, has been a bit of a wild ride. Paris welcomed me with open arms, but coming from a pretty small town in central Spain, I have to admit, the city was a bit overwhelming at first. But you know what’s kept me grounded? Being a Babylangues Instructor. It’s been my anchor, giving me that sense of belonging and confidence that I’m exactly where I should be!

Babylangues Paris Review

When I first landed in Paris, I was super keen to soak up the French culture and language, especially since my French skills were rusty, to say the least. So, thanks to a friend of a friend, I came across Babylangues and their offer of becoming Spanish instructor for a Parisian family. With my background in babysitting during my final years of highschool and first few at university, it felt like a natural fit to apply; plus, the team seemed super nice over the phone, and the hours worked perfectly with my studies. Little did I know, this part-time job would turn out to be the highlight of my time abroad.

A Welcoming Team – Babylangues Paris Review

As soon as I walked into the office for my interview, I was met with nothing but smiles and encouragement. The team there really took the time to get to know me – my skills, what I was into, and when I was free to work – all to make sure they matched me up with the perfect family.

What My Days Looked Like

Being a Spanish Babylangues instructor has been so much fun! Evenings and Wednesdays became our jam-packed adventures. The kids already had a bit of Spanish under their belt from their mom, but they picked up more from me unbelievably fast! We found all sorts of cool ways to sneak Spanish into our activities, whether we were doodling or playing in the park on our way home from school.

The best part of it all? It has definitely been watching those kids transform into confident Spanish speakers right before my eyes. From shy beginners to chatterboxes, it was unreal to see how much progress they made. Chatting with them about their day at school, weekend plans – you name it, we covered it in Spanish. Their dedication was inspiring, and I felt pretty lucky to be part of their language journey.

Immersion Into French Culture

But it wasn’t just about teaching Spanish; I became part of the family. They welcomed me with open arms, and soon enough, they weren’t just my employers; they were like a second family to me. Every moment spent with them was filled with laughter and good vibes, making my time in Paris that much sweeter.

Looking back on my time in Paris so far, I’m overflowing with gratitude for all the memories and experiences I’ve collected along the way. Working as a Spanish instructor for this awesome family has been the highlight of my Erasmus journey, hands down.

Thank you so much to Babylangues for organising this unique opportunity for me, and to the amazing family who made Paris feel like home. I can’t recommend this job enough, really.

Babylangues Paris Review