An Exceptional Language Learning Journey for New Zealand Expats in Aix

As a New Zealander living in Aix-en-Provence for a year, my experience with Babylangues as a language instructor has been nothing short of exceptional! From the initial interview to the continued support provided by the Babylangues team, every step of the process has been seamless and has genuinely enriched my time in France. Babylangues offers a unique opportunity to teach a language while immersing oneself in French culture, and their meticulous recruitment and unwavering support truly make them stand out from their competition. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience and recommend it to all expats looking for part time work in France! An Exceptional Language Learning Journey!

my experience in Aix-en-Provence as an English instructor

The Recruitment Process

My journey with Babylangues began with their recruitment process: I found an ad on Facebook and it immediately appealed to me. They responded to the questions that I had in the comments very swiftly and I soon realised that it would be something well suited to what I needed. I loved the fact that the work could be built around my pre-existing schedule and it really matched the kind of hours which I was looking for. I also loved the fact that they provided free French lessons, as one of my motivating factors for moving to France was to learn the language. Other perks like covering certain travel costs and helping me set up my social security number also really appealed to me and I loved the support which it seemed to offer. I filled out a simple online application on their website, highlighting my proficiency with the English language and teaching experience, and was very thrilled to have a quick response from a member of the Babylangues team! They scheduled a positive interview, during which they assessed my language proficiency and teaching abilities. The interviewer was friendly and understood the challenges faced by expats, offering additional benefits such as help setting myself up in France. It was immediately obvious that they understood the systems and French administration as a whole and this put me at ease. They took the time to understand my preferences and goals, ensuring a harmonious match between myself. I felt that they understood me as a person and appreciated all I had to offer. When I was offered a family to be matched with, I went into the first meeting assured that they would be a good fit. It took out a lot of the work from my end and made me much less nervous for the first session.

After The Interview

Once I successfully passed the interview, Babylangues spent time trying to match me with the perfect family, taking into account the needs of the family as well as my own. In no time at all, I was given a detailed description of my assigned family, including their location, schedule, and the age of their children. This helped me to prepare myself to become immersed in French family life, and made me very excited to meet the children and their parents. I also felt assured by the fact that the family had also received my profile and that they were excited by it! This way I knew that by agreeing to meet the family I wouldn’t be wasting my time or theirs.

Meeting With The Family

I felt well prepared by Babylangues and the first meeting with my family was great. The company gave me numerous useful resources, including games I could use to engage the children in learning English. The resources were specifically designed to suit the family and age of children I was working with. Additionally, Babylangues offers training sessions online that offered me the skills I needed to create engaging and effective language lessons. This made me feel really secure in keeping the children safe, as well as teaching them efficiently. 

Great Support

What impressed me the most was the continuous support provided by the Babylangues team throughout my time as an instructor. They regularly checked in with me and the family, ensuring that both parties were satisfied and addressing any concerns or questions we had. As I had not lived in France before, I encountered unique cultural nuances, and the Babylangues team was always readily available to provide guidance and support. Their expertise and experience not only reassured me but also helped me grow both personally and professionally. This was particularly useful in navigating the French administrative system, which can be very confusing to understand.

An Exceptional Language Learning Journey

In conclusion, Babylangues exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their recruitment process was tailored to my needs, and ensured a perfect match between instructors and families. The interview was a positive experience which helped demonstrate their understanding of the difficulties that I may have faced as a foreigner. The process of being matched with a family was easy and allowed for a meaningful cultural exchange. The first meeting was made easier with the help of Babylangues’ resources and training, which prepared me to navigate the unique experience of teaching English to young French children. Lastly, the ongoing support from the Babylangues team created a nurturing and empowering learning environment for both the instructor and the family.

For any English speakers in Aix-en-Provence or other French cities who are seeking a fulfilling language teaching experience, I would definitely recommend Babylangues. Their commitment to offering a quality education, combined with their tailored support for expats, makes them an outstanding choice for those looking to immerse themselves in French culture while sharing their language skills.
Zoe, Babylangues Instructor , January 2024.

An Exceptional Language Learning Journey