French Joke #8

French joke:

De quelle couleur sont les parapluies quand il pleut ?

Ils sont tout verts !

The punchline of this joke rests on the way in which French speakers often make a liaison between two words when the second begins with a vowel. In this way, the words ‘ils sont tout verts’ sound the same as the phrase ‘ils sont◡ouverts’ (‘they are open’), because the vowel at the beginning of ‘ouverts’ causes us to sound the ‘t’ at the end of ‘sont’.

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Les Blagues Carambar

The Carambar is a quintessentially French sweet. This chewy caramel candy has almost become a national image of France. In 1961 Carambar began to include jokes so that each sweet came with a riddle or a quick joke inside. These have now become particularly famous for their poor quality. The French have even created the expression ‘les blagues Carambar’ to refer to a bad or childish joke! However these jokes still make the French laugh.

This is an example of a Blague Carambar: Ce matin, j’ai voulu faire une blague sur le Super U, mais elle n’a pas Supermarché !

Do not worry: we have come up with our own ones so that they will not be all that bad! We have decided to explore French jokes a little more and have in fact found that they are often orientated around a product of language. So, each joke will not only brighten your day but also improve your understanding of the French language.

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