French Joke #11

Quel est le sport le plus silencieux ?

Le para-chuuuut !

This joke takes its punchline from the French equivalent of the sound ‘Shhhhh’, chuuut, which one might utter to make someone else be quiet. As this version of parachuting contains the word ‘chuuuut’, it must therefore be a silent sport!

Les Blagues Carambar

The Carambar is a quintessentially French sweet. This chewy caramel candy has almost become a national image of France. In 1961 Carambar began to include jokes so that each sweet came with a riddle inside. These have now become particularly famous for their poor quality. The French have even created the expression ‘les blagues Carambar’ to refer to a bad or childish joke! However they still make the French laugh.

This is an example of a Blague Carambar: Ce matin, j’ai voulu faire une blague sur le Super U, mais elle n’a pas Supermarché !

Do not worry: we have come up with our own ones so that they will not be all that bad! We have decided to explore French jokes a little more and have in fact found that they are often orientated around a product of language. So, each joke will not only brighten your day but also improve your understanding of the French language.

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a parachute, the sport mentioned in the joke