Babyblague #5

Comment appelle-t-on du riz que l’on peut manger dans une voiture ? (What do you call rice that you can eat in a car?)

Du risotto ! (Risotto!)

This “blague”  draws on the sound of the word “du risotto” in French. When read aloud, the sound of “du risotto”, which is a classic Italian rice dish, breaks down to “du riz auto”, which translates into English as “auto rice”! In this case, auto means a car, like “automobile”.

Les Baby Blagues

Baby blagues are a collection of jokes that are chosen by us at Babylangues. The jokes are inspired by Les Blagues Carambar – jokes traditionally found in the wrappers of French Carambar sweets. These have now become particularly famous as bad, childish jokes. However they still make the French laugh!

This is an example of a Baby blague: Ce matin, j’ai voulu faire une blague sur le Super U, mais elle n’a pas Supermarché !

Not to worry: we have come up with our own ones that are easy to understand, so that they will not be all that bad! We have decided to explore French jokes a little more and found that they are often orientated around a product of language. So, each joke will not only brighten your day but also improve your understanding of the French language.

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