One big March event! 

St Patrick’s Day 17th March

Paris may not go all out for the infamous Irish holiday like Dublin or New York but March 17th is still a fun and lively date on the Parisian calendar. As most Anglophones in the country choose to flock to the local Irish pub to enjoy some Guinness and watch the rugby, Paris sets itself aside from the classic cliches to offer much more of an authentic experience with an increasingly large Irish community in the city. This year is the first where celebrations will involve a parade so there’s even more reason to get involved. 

Historically the day is celebrated with public parades, festivals and wearing the green shamrock to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. It also coincides with the lifting of the lenten traditions of giving up drinking alcohol which is why the holiday is typically associated with alcohol consumption.  

The Irish Cultural Centre in the 5th arrondissement offers a lively and cultural billing of events to celebrate the day with live traditional music, performances and dancing. The events will be held from March 13th to March 17th. Join the festivities on the Sunday to enjoy live music on the streets outside the cultural centre. 
Whatever you choose to do, Lá Fhéile Phádraig (Happy St. Patrick’s Day).
For more information on this year’s events at the Cultural Centre, visit the official website.

Saint Patrick's Day In Paris France