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English Speaking Jobs in Paris France for English Speakers

Your job with Babylangues, in a nutshell:

#1 in France

  • Leader since 2008
  • Pioneer in Early Language Learning

Flexible Jobs

  • Choose your hours and location
  • Teach French children

Competitive Pay Rate

  • Best pay rate in industry
  • Transport and health care benefits

In Home Teaching

  • Fun lesson plans
  • No teaching experience needed


  • Free French classes
  • Get free trips around Europe!

Improve Your French

  • Meet French families
  • Social events

Experience French Culture

  • All levels of French accepted
  • Language exchange events

A Unique Experience

  • Share your language and culture
  • Learn from children

Feedback from our language instructors:

Here is what the job is like!

Follow Sam, a Babylangues language instructor, during one of his after-school in-home English teaching sessions in a French family…

Endorsed by over 50 media outlets.

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France for English Speakers

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Babylangues offers English-speaking jobs in 18 cities across France

Find a job in France

Are you looking for an English speaking job in France?

Our part-time jobs in France are designed with YOU in mind: you decide how much you want to work, and you choose a location which suits you.

You have the chance to gain teaching experience, to meet a French family, and to join a community of international people who come from all over the world.

Plus, you’ll be receiving the best pay rate in the industry and have access to a host of great benefits at the same time (including some excellent parties throughout the year). Since we’re offering jobs in France for English speakers, we thought it would be a good idea that one of these benefits would be to help you learn French, so we also offer you free French classes.
Cool, right?

Essentially, our goal is to give everyone who does our part-time job in Paris, or in one of our 17 other cities all over France, loads of support for their move abroad, because we know the challenges you may face when you’ve just moved to a new country!

So, we offer help with finding a place to live, opening a bank account, meeting people, and all the many other things that will come your way if you decide to come and work abroad in Europe. It’s not an easy thing to do, but we do our best to make it easier for you (we’re nice like that).

So, what’s not to love?

Teach English in France

At Babylangues, we make teaching English in France a unique experience, bringing English into the lives of French families and French children in a natural way.

We don’t teach in an old-fashioned school environment, because teaching with us is all about creativity, fun, and making language learning part of daily life – but we still offer you lesson plans and materials so you always know what to do.

And since we do the hard work organising all the teaching assignments for you, we don’t need you to have any prior teaching experience at all – some experience with children is all you need.

So, what does this English teaching job look like?
Well, it all happens in the home environment. Our instructors interact with the children entirely in English: going to the park, playing hide and seek, reading stories, doing arts & crafts, dancing, singing and so on – teaching them in a natural way, away from textbooks and the school environment!

And better yet, we are France’s original specialist in early language learning, and so not only has our unique method been trusted by thousands of French families since 2008, it’s also been praised and covered by many media outlets since then as well – think BBC, NPR, Canal+ and more!

Joining the Babylangues community is your chance to gain a first-hand insight into both teaching and French family life and culture!

English Speaking Jobs in Paris France

Already in France?

Babylangues offers language Instructor positions in 18 French
EU or otherwise, Erasmus exchange or student visa, working holiday visa or expatriate… Gap year, year abroad, postgraduate or otherwise…
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Planning on coming?

Are you considering moving to France and wonder how you could secure a job before diving into the unknown?
Babylangues has got it covered and has been successfully welcoming language Instructors from all over the world for the past 10 years!
Babylangues has a job for you!

Don’t know yet?

Whether you find moving overseas too daunting right now or you simply have no idea when you will finally make that move to France, Babylangues has all the administrative support you need to plan a safe and unforgettable experience.

About Babylangues

So, who are we? Babylangues is France’s original specialist in early language learning. We have created a unique method of teaching English which is done through play and creativity in the home setting, making learning a language as natural and fun as possible – mimicking the way you learn your native language.

Babylangues was founded in Bordeaux in 2008 by linguist Caroline Benoit-Levy and it became the very first company to offer language learning to babies and toddlers through parent-baby language workshops – these were Babylangues first steps (pun intended!).

Mathias Benoit-Levy, with a background in children’s theatre and business administration, contributed to the firm as co-founder. Our unique method of teaching in a home setting to children as young as 3, or even younger in the parent-baby workshops, quickly drew media attention from media outlets like the BBC, NPR, Canal+, ELLE magazine and many more!

The company grew and grew and all these years later we are proud to be and to have been trusted by thousands of French families in 18 cities throughout the country, and to have an amazing, diverse group of language instructors from all over the world – all of whom started out just looking for an English speaking job in France, and ended up with an experience abroad they’ll never forget.