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Stay connected

It is important to stay connected! Whether it be to communicate with us or your families, or to receive the latest great deals or the invitations to our social and cultural events…

Paris-WiFi Pass

Operating throughout Ile-de-France, the Paris-WiFi pass (or “wee-fee”, as the French say) allows you to stay connected for free with wireless, high-speed Internet via 400 hotspots spread over more than 260 public spaces: gardens, libraries and museums.

Free Phone and Contract

Once you become part of the Babylangues community, we can provide you with a mobile phone and contract for the duration of your stay, including two hours of calls a month, unlimited texts within France, and Internet access.

Stay connected with our community

Babylangues Instructors Community is an active Facebook group dedicated exclusively to our Instructors, here they can arrange social gatherings, exchange ideas and keep in touch. As a member of the Babylangues Community, you will also receive our monthly newsletter with our calendar of special events and activities, good deals and tips to get a true insight into French culture.

Suscribe to our monthly newsletter here.

Stay Connected - Hello Flowers - Echagne linguistique gratuit

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