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Cultural Outings

It is here where your journey truly takes off!

We truly believe that the qualities of our Instructors develop through their social and cultural growth and, as such, Babylangues strives to imbue their stay in France with delightful encounters, unforgettable memories and new experiences.
We are committed to making sure that our Instructors are able to make the most of their stay in France.

As we deem it important to guide and accompany you in discovering French culture and society, we propose cultural outings throughout the year. We are joined in this adventure by two partners: the ‘Club International des Jeunes à Paris (CIJP)’ and ‘To be Erasmus in Paris’.

Excursions & Trips

Babylangues gives you the opportunity to discover France with special discounted rates on excursions and trips. Discover the historic district of the Marais or the Père Lachaise Cemetery, take a trip to the Normandy region or to Bordeaux to enjoy a day of wine tasting and vineyards.

Evenings of French Cinema

“Babylangues fait son cinéma”: Every month Babylangues hosts a free evening of French cinema in a Parisian café. Feel free to bring along your friends!

Guided Tours “Parisien d’un jour, Parisien toujours”

“Parisien d’un jour, Parisien toujours” offers delightful guided tours through the streets of Paris away from the tourist trail. Babylangues offers you the chance to discover a part of Paris in the company of a welcoming, enthusiastic guide who is in love with the city! Just like a friend taking you on a walk, your guide for the day will share with you their experiences, some useful addresses and a few anecdotes along the way. As well as learning about the area’s history, architecture and culture, you will be encouraged to soak up the atmosphere and explore Paris for yourself.

Cultural Outings - Notre Dame Free Guided Tour

Did you know that “journée” is a French Faux-Amis? It does not mean “journey” but “day” or “daytime”.

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