Toolkit: Public transport

Publié le 25 October 2018

Being able to get yourself around is absolutely essential, so why not learn more about France’s public transport system?… Read More

Toolkit: Le Marché aux Puces

Publié le 22 January 2018

As well as being a world capital of haute couture, playing host to a multiplicity of stylish designer brands, Paris is also a great place… Read More

Toolkit: Le Nouvel An

Publié le 18 December 2017

About to spend your first New Year’s Eve ('le Nouvel An' or 'Saint-Sylvestre') in France and unsure as to how to make the most of… Read More

Toolkit: Christmas Shopping

Publié le 22 November 2017

Christmas will soon be upon us, a thought which turned our minds to the annual task of finding and buying presents for one’s friends and… Read More

Toolkit: Au Parc

Publié le 31 October 2017

When working as a Babylangues instructor, going to the park is a fun way of adding a bit of variety and excitement into the children’s… Read More


Publié le 11 August 2017

Although you may not think it, la pharmacie in France is completely different to our anglophone pharmacy. Find out all about la pharmacie in France. Read More

Train Travel in France

Publié le 28 July 2017

While it may seem like any other country, train travel in France has a long respected tradition and history to be aware of. Make sure… Read More

Faire la bise

Publié le 29 June 2017

The French greeting is almost always complemented with ‘la bise’. Integral to French society, system and values you must know the rules and regulations to… Read More

Café culture

Publié le 23 May 2017

The French have a distinct café culture, that brings with it some basic rules. Once you know the ins and outs of going to a… Read More

Chez le dentiste

Publié le 28 April 2017

Much like a trip to the doctors, the thought of going to see a dentist in France may seem a little intimidating at first. To… Read More


Publié le 31 March 2017

For many people, a trip to the hairdressers can seem like a daunting prospect. Not to worry - we have put together this handy guide… Read More

Tongue Twisters

Publié le 7 March 2017

This article on Tongue Twisters will come in particularly handy, not just to impress your French friends but also to improve pronunciation and grammar in… Read More

La Fromagerie

Publié le 31 January 2017

Here are some tips to help you choose a good cheese so that you can head down to the local fromagerie or the cheese seller… Read More


Publié le 31 December 2016

The postal service in France is called La Poste. It is the most important postal network in Europe. That however, does not make it any… Read More

French Products

Publié le 30 November 2016

Going food shopping, what may seem like a simple task, presents some surprising obstacles. Read More

A doctor’s appointment

Publié le 31 October 2016

Seeing a doctor in France does sometimes seem like a daunting prospect. Here are some essential tips to make your French medical experience stress-free. Read More

Live in Paris

Publié le 11 October 2016

Where to live in Paris? Be sure to check out this simulator, which allows you to see average rent prices across the city. Read More

Choosing a good Baguette

Publié le 31 August 2016

It can be difficult to know how to pick the perfect baguette, so here is all you need to find the best bread in France!… Read More

Choosing a good wine

Publié le 4 July 2016

The world of French wine can be very confusing, so here are our simple guidelines to help you pick out a good bottle of wine… Read More