French figures

André Le Nôtre

Publié le 31 August 2016

The King of the gardeners, André Le Nôtre is responsible for making the French garden style famous throughout Europe. Read More

Jules Renard

Publié le 31 May 2016

French writer, famous for his novel Poil de Carotte, which describes his difficult and unfortunate childhood. Read More

Jean-Luc Godard

Publié le 2 May 2016

Jean-Luc Godard, born 3rd December 1930, is a Franco-Swiss filmmaker and a leading member of the French New Wave movement. Read More

Pierre Desproges

Publié le 30 March 2016

Pierre Desproges was a French humourist, famous for his elaborate, eloquent and most of all, cutting jibes criticising anything and everything: “On peut rire de … Read More

Alexandra David-Néel

Publié le 2 March 2016

Mystic, anarchist, and feminist, Alexandra David-Néel was one other the greatest explorers and lived for 101 years. Read More

Famous Women of Paris

Publié le 29 February 2016

This month, retrace the footsteps of some of Paris’ most celebrated and acclaimed women and discover their personal achievements. Read More

Michel Galabru

Publié le 3 February 2016

French Figure: Michel Galabru Michel Galabru, a French actor and writer, was born on 27th October 1922 in Safi, Morocco. He spent his childhood and … Read More

Abbé Pierre

Publié le 5 January 2016

Abbé Pierre is best known for founding the Emmaus organisation, through which he brought relief, purpose and hope to the homeless and downtrodden. Read More

Marcel Proust

Publié le 27 October 2015

FRENCH FIGURE Marcel Proust was a French intellectual, novelist, essayist and critic, best known as the author of In Search of Lost Time. Read More

Henri Maire

Publié le 2 October 2015

Coming from a long line of winegrowers and vineyard owners since the seventeenth century, Henri Maire worked hard to put the great wines of Jura … Read More

Daniel Pennac

Publié le 3 September 2015

French Celebrity: Daniel Pennac and the Belleville district in his works The Belleville district, situated above Ménilmontant in North-East Paris, is home to one of … Read More