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Best films for la rentrée

Publié le 11 August 2017

Here are some great classic French films about or based around school in France to get you in the mood for la rentrée this September. Read More


Publié le 29 June 2017

As the temperature begins to rise and the sun begins to shine, it is hard not to think of anywhere you would rather be but … Read More

Running in Paris

Publié le 23 May 2017

One of the best ways to explore a city is undoubtedly by foot, and what could be better than discovering more of Paris whilst also … Read More

Parks in Paris

Publié le 31 March 2017

Here we present you with our selection of the best parks in Paris, perfect for a roam around in search of a chocolate egg or … Read More

Live in Paris

Publié le 11 October 2016

Where to live in Paris? Be sure to check out this simulator, which allows you to see average rent prices across the city. Read More

Père Lachaise

Publié le 11 October 2016

GUIDED TOUR OF THE PÈRE LACHAISE CEMETERY. Saturday 22nd October at 2:30pm … Read More

Châteaux et Jardins

Publié le 31 August 2016

This month, we are looking beyond the city to discover some of the wonders of the région parisienne. Read More

Nighttime Tour

Publié le 31 May 2016

Guided Nighttime Tour of the Buttes-aux-Cailles. With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris. Friday 24th June at 7:30pm … Read More

Best Parks in Paris

Publié le 30 May 2016

Many gardens in Paris are tucked away and remain unknown to many. This list is far from exhaustive but is instead our small personal selection … Read More

Cinemas in Paris

Publié le 2 May 2016

To celebrate the Cannes Film Festival, taking place from 11th to 22nd May, be sure to set some time aside this month to discover the … Read More

Chocolate Shops in Paris

Publié le 30 March 2016

Places not to be missed: The best Chocolate Shops in Paris At Easter we eat a lot of chocolate but this is something that can … Read More

Famous Women of Paris

Publié le 29 February 2016

This month, retrace the footsteps of some of Paris’ most celebrated and acclaimed women and discover their personal achievements. Read More


Publié le 3 February 2016

Discover Paris: Places not to be missed. The best Crêperies in Paris … Read More

Second-hand shops

Publié le 5 January 2016

Places not to be missed The best Second-Hand Shops in Paris In the spirit of renewal and renovation, make the most of this new year … Read More

“Battered, but not sunk”

Publié le 16 November 2015

"Fluctuat nec mergitur" (Battered, but not sunk) has been used as a motto for more than 600 years by the city of Paris. We will … Read More

Parisian Walkways

Publié le 28 October 2015

GUIDED TOUR OF PARISIAN WALKWAYS Saturday 14th November at 2:30pm. With the CIJP – Embark on a discovery of Paris’ covered walkways. Read More

The Opéra district

Publié le 1 October 2015

NIGHTTIME GUIDED TOUR: THE OPÉRA DISTRICT. Friday 30th October at 6:45pm With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris … Read More

Saint Germain

Publié le 1 October 2015

Guided tour Saturday 10th October at 2:30pm. With the CIJP – Club International des Jeunes à Paris … Read More

Bilingual bookshops

Publié le 3 September 2015

Places not to be missed: bilingual bookshops in Paris If we are to judge the inhabitants of a city by the number of bookstores in … Read More