september events

September Events

While the summer may be technically coming to a close, September events and good deals around France are certainly starting to heat up. The French may be returning from their lavish holidays in the south but with back to school and work fast approaching there is plenty to do in September in France.

Check out our selection of good deals and events in France this September.

Le Crédac, musée gratuit d’art contemporain

From Thursday 7th September 2017 to Friday 1st January 2021

This contemporary art museum in Ivry sur Seine welcomes French and international artists this September and accompanies them in their projects.

Previously situated in the basement of a cinema, this contemporary art space has moved to la Manufacture des OEillets. An impressive location with vast windows that light the art works, each exhibition encourages participation in events such as workshops, conferences, round tables etc. Make sure to book online before you go.

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Spectacle gratuit de danse Flamenco

Sunday 10th September 2017 from 2.30 to 4 pm, Square Edouard Vaillant

Enjoy this free Flamenco dance show, otherwise called La Féria de Seville. This traditional dance originating from Andalusia begins with a cappella song and a clapping of the hands which then develops with the sounds of castanets and classical guitar. Listening to this rhythm will no doubt have you wanting to get up and dance. Enjoy relaxing in a lovely park setting, under the heat of the blazing sun, and the greater heat of flamenco dance!

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Journées européennes du Patrimoine 2017, free visits to monuments in France

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September from 9am to 11pm

Les journées européennes du patrimoine, or European Heritage Days as they are called in English, are a fantastic way to get to see some incredible monuments that are usually closed to the public. This will allow you to delve further into France’s history and culture and heritage, something that is fundamental to life in France today.

Near the Babylangues office in Paris for example you can get to see the Eglise Saint-Leu-Saint-Giles, which was in fact first built in 1235!

Take a look at the programme of events and exhibitions HERE

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Soirée polygotte gratuite pour améliorer son niveau en langues étrangères

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 8 pm to 1 am at Denfert Café (58 boulevard Saint-Jacques, 75014, metro Denfert-Rocherau)

Feeling a bit rusty in French? Want to try out some new languages? Meet people from all over the world? This evening, hosted by the PolyglotClub is definitely for you. Hosted at the Denfert Café in Paris, the PolyglotClub offers you the chance to get together with people and practice different languages. This is a perfect way to start you time aboard, or continue from where you left off.


Concert: Olivia Flowers at La Médiathèque Hélène Berr

Having grown up between France, Canada and the US, soul singer Oliver Flowers has settled in Paris for her solo career. Head down to the 12ème arrondissement in Paris to benefit from her sound, a beautiful combination of her soulful voice, with undertones of reggae, blu-dub and other influences, making for a particularly unique song.

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