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Life in France

Paris public transportation

15 January 2019

When moving to any new city, one of the main concerns is public transport and working out how to get about. THE PARIS SYSTEM The Paris public transportation system is made up of fourteen metro lines, five RER lines, along with bus and tram connections. The metro is the most common way to get around Paris, with over 300 stations covering the twenty arrondissements and the neighbouring suburbs. Read More

Baby Blague #16

4 January 2019

Qu'est-ce qui tombe sans faire de bruit ? (What falls without making a sound?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. The jokes are inspired by Les Blagues Carambar - jokes traditionally found in the wrappers of French Carambar sweets. These have now become particularly famous as bad, childish jokes. However they still make the French laugh!… Read More

Untranslatable – Tartiner

2 January 2019

“Tartiner” means to spread a substance on a piece of bread or toast. You could “tartine” just about anything onto your slice: cheese, honey, butter...the breakfast possibilities are endless!… Read More

January 2019 Events

2 January 2019

Fashion week is back in town folks! That means loads of runways, exhibitions and the opportunity to even spot a celebrity around town. The men’s fashion week will be going on from the 15th - 20th January, followed by the haute couture week from the 21st - 24th January. Read More

La Saint-Sylvestre

2 January 2019

La Saint-Sylvestre is an alternate name for New Year's Eve in France. It is because the 31st December is the feast day of Saint-Sylvestre in Catholic tradition. Read More

Petit Fours Salés

2 January 2019

We at Babylangues love helping our instructors discover classic French culture and what could be more classically French than the baguette? However, baguettes are usually only fresh the day they’re bought and you often end up with leftovers. Read on to discover how you can recycle your baguette and turn them into Petit Fours for a dinner party starter!… Read More

Toolkit: With the kids

2 January 2019

Since Babylangues is all about the relationship between an instructor and the children, we thought it would only be fitting to have this month’s toolkit be all about kid-related vocabulary!… Read More

French Song – ‘Champs-Élysées’

31 December 2018

"Champs-Élysées" is one of Joe Dassin's biggest hits and it was released in 1969. It is essentially what it says on the tin, a song about a short love story taking place on the eponymous boulevard. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto-Etienne Marcel

27 December 2018

Keeping with our theme of Babylangues this month, we’ve chosen to cover Étienne Marcel in our Metro-Expo-Resto section this month. It is one of the closest stations to our Babylangues office and is in a very lively quarter!… Read More

Best Christmas Markets

30 November 2018

hristmas markets are without a doubt the best way to get into the holiday spirit. There is nothing better than wandering past stalls glistening with Christmas lights and decorations, as you able pausing to view the stalls, you are hit with the scents of cinnamon and spices and you can warm up sipping a mug of piping hot mulled wine,… Read More

French Borrowing

29 November 2018

As much as the Academie Française wants to protect the purity of the French language, language borrowing is a process as old as languages itself and is one of the way a language develops over time. Read More

Baby Blague #15

29 November 2018

Quel est le jeu préféré des philosophes ? (What is a philosopher's favourite game?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. The jokes are inspired by Les Blagues Carambar - jokes traditionally found in the wrappers of French Carambar sweets. These have now become particularly famous as bad, childish jokes. However they still make the French laugh!… Read More

Day trip to Champagne

28 November 2018

Make a journey to Reims to explore the cathedral, the vineyards, and of course the champagne! This trip promises to be an activity-packed day out. Read More

Untranslatable – Crapoter

28 November 2018

“Crapoter” is a very interesting little word, meaning “to fake smoke”. It is when someone doesn’t inhale the smoke while smoking a cigarette but puffs it out instead. Read More

December 2018 Events

28 November 2018

The yearly Festival of Light is coming to Lyon! Every December, the festival attracts thousands of tourists who come to admire the public light installations. There will be dozens of light shows in squares, churches, and museums. To get the most out of it, you should follow the suggested walking trails!  Naturally the festival only starts after it goes dark… Read More

Le Réveillon de Noël

27 November 2018

In France, they celebrate Le Réveillon de Noël on the 24th December with family or close acquaintances in the form of a large meal before a midnight mass. Read More

Sablés Flocon de Neige

27 November 2018

Sablés are a traditional French biscuit made of flour sugar and butter. They often have a crumbly texture and are great as a sweet snack! Especially for getting into the Christmas spirit, we thought why not share a snowflake-shaped recipe? These biscuits are actually pretty simple to make and should look quite pretty. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto-Hotêl de Ville

27 November 2018

Hôtel de Ville is a metro station in the 4th arrondissement near guessed it, the Hôtel de Ville! In French this means City Hall and it’s the location of the city’s local administration. A pretty important building in central Paris, so the station can get quite busy. The lines 1 and 11 run through here. Read More

Running in Paris

1 November 2018

Want to go running in Paris? One of the best ways to explore a city is undoubtedly by foot, and what could be better than discovering more of Paris whilst also trying out a new running route? Whether you are a new arrival to the capital, or already consider yourself to be a local, then this is the perfect opportunity… Read More

Baby Blague #14

26 October 2018

Quel est le sport le plus fruité ? (What is the fruitiest sport?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. Although they are childish jokes, they still make the French laugh!… Read More

Weekend in Lille and Bruges

25 October 2018

We’re advertising this month’s trip a little early, but it’s never too soon to get into the Christmas spirit! This weekend getaway is also a chance to explore the cities of Lille and Bruges. Read More

November 2018 Events

25 October 2018

To commemorate the centenary of the Armistice ending the First World War, the Musée de la Grande Guerre is opening its doors to the public for free on the 11th November. With its collection of 3,000 historical objects, it gives an insight into what was a particularly difficult period of modern history. The aim is to present the public with… Read More

La Toussaint

25 October 2018

La Toussaint takes place every year on the 1st of November and is an important holiday of remembrance for French people and their families. Read More

Gateau Breton

25 October 2018

Since November marks the centenary of the Armistice of the First World War, we thought why not explore a French recipe from the war period? Let’s have a look at how to prepare a Gateau Breton, 1914 style:… Read More

Middle French

25 October 2018

Middle French is a period of the French language from about the 14th to the 17th century. It was preceded by the Old French period and succeeded by the Modern French period. Read More

‘Les Copains d’abord’

25 October 2018

We’ve presented songs by Jacques Brel, Charles Aznavour and Edith Piaf, all great French musical legends. Let’s add another to the list! This month we’ll be listening to ‘Les Copains d’abord’ by Georges Brassens. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto-Champ de Mars

24 October 2018

We’re putting a bit of twist on this month’s Metro-Expo-Resto by featuring Champ de Mars, a metro station that doesn’t technically exist anymore. As in the physical station itself does, but it is not used as a metro station and has no passengers or links to any metro. There are a few of these “ghost stations” on the Paris métro… Read More

Untranslatable – Se recroqueviller

24 October 2018

“Se recroqueviller” provides the idea of “curl up” or “shrivel” in French. It can be used both in relation to objects and people, but the connotations are slightly different. When used with objects, “se recroqueviller” means “to shrivel due to heat”. Read More

Parks in Paris

20 October 2018

re you wanting to get involved in the Easter egg hunt but the eggs are too obviously found in your Parisian apartment? It can be hard in such a busy city to find a space for a peaceful egg hunt without a car honk or a police siren interrupting your attempt at Easter tranquility. Here we present you with our… Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto #22

18 October 2018

Served by line 10 of the Parisian Metro and RER B and C, Cluny la Sorbonne is a metro station in the heart of the 5th arrondissement and the Latin Quarter. Read More

Swimming Pools

15 October 2018

Located near to the Bibliothèque Francois Mitterrand, this pool is particularly special as it floats on the Seine itself. You can enjoy this outside in the summer months with sun's rays glistening on this open-air pool. The Piscine Josephine Baker does also have a glass removable roof that allows you to enjoy a relaxing dip with a great view over… Read More

Unstranslatable – Cochonnerie

1 October 2018

This Intraduisible ironically has too many ways to be translated in English because of all the contexts it can appear in. It is linked to the idea of being dirty and is related to the French word “cochon”, meaning “pig”. “Cochonnerie” is a very informal French term and the closest English equivalent would probably be “rubbish”… Read More


1 October 2018

Cassoulet is a hearty stew from Toulouse. It is a combination of beans, sausages, pork and other meats. It is a regional specialty of the south of France. Read More

Day Trip to Giverny

1 October 2018

Take a day out to Giverny, the home and workplace of Monet. Here, you can see the famous gardens that inspired the 'Waterlilies' series. Read More

Baby Blague #13

1 October 2018

Qu'est ce qui n'est pas un steak ? (What isn't a steak?) Baby blagues are a collection of jokes chosen by Babylangues. Although they are childish jokes, they still make the French laugh!… Read More

French Book: ‘Une femme’

1 October 2018

‘Une femme’ is a story about a woman and her relationship with her mother. It is all the more moving because of its autobiographical nature. Read More

October 2018 Events

1 October 2018

Nuit Blanche is a one-night only event in Paris that focuses on art and exhibitions. Now in its fifteenth year, Nuit Blanche offers exclusive exhibitions and free gallery entrances for it duration. However the catch is that it happens all night. Starting at 7pm (sundown), this festival goes on till sunrise the next day. Make the most of it by… Read More

Grand Raid Réunion

1 October 2018

The tradition of Grand Raid: a treacherous race over a beautiful island. Would you be up to the challenge?… Read More

September 2018 Events

23 August 2018

Discover monuments old and new all over France with the Journées européennes du patrimoine. In Paris you can check out sites like the Palais d’Elysée, the Musée d’Orsay or the Arc de Triomphe as well as the Philharmonie de Paris or the Fondation Louis Vuitton. On the website, you can search for activities or monuments on show in your region… Read More

Day Trip to Normandy

23 August 2018

Make Normandy your next getaway! Get ready to discover the chalk cliffs and towns that inspired Impressionists such as Monet and Boudin. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto #21

23 August 2018

Served by lines 1 and 7 of the Parisian metro, Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre is a bustling station on the northern side of the Seine. Read More

Fêtes de Bayonne

23 August 2018

Every year, the citizens of Bayonne (and any tourists that come to visit) all don red and white and enjoy a five day-long festival. There's partying, handball tournaments and more!… Read More

French Song – ‘La Seine’

23 August 2018

‘La Seine’ was released in 2011 as part of the soundtrack for the film ‘Un Monstre à Paris’. Its vocalists are the lovely Vanessa Paradis and Matthieu Chedid. Read More

Live in Paris

1 August 2018

Where to live in Paris? Be sure to check out this simulator, which allows you to see average rent prices across the city. Read More

Unstranslatable – Spleen

18 July 2018

Given the etymology of "spleen", it is likely that many of you will never have encountered this term! The word was coined in the 19th century by French writer, Charles Baudelaire who used it in several of his poems from his collection ‘Les Fleurs du Mal’. Read More

August 2018 Events

18 July 2018

Since 1998, Cannes Pyrotechnic Art Festival has welcomed the world’s greatest pyrotechnists every year to the city’s beautiful waterfront. The show is watched by 200,000 spectators who will witness master pyrotechnists from around the world ply their trade to put on a stunning display of fireworks. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto #20

18 July 2018

Served by line 13 of the Parisian metro, Liège is a relatively quiet station, next to Saint Lazare train station on the border of the 8th and 9th arrondissements. Read More

Le Festival des Jardins

18 July 2018

The ‘Festival des Jardins’ is a horticultural festival that takes place in Chaumont-sur-Loire. The festival has been held every summer since 1992. Read More

French Song – Tous Les Mêmes

18 July 2018

‘Tous Les Mêmes’ is an electro-pop song and was produced by Belgian artist, Stromae. It was released in 2013 and proved to be a major hit across Europe, reaching number one in the French and Belgian charts. Read More

Day Trip to the Loire Valley

16 July 2018

Why not take the opportunity to explore a discover a new area of France by going to the Loire Valley, complete with stunning châteux and beautiful scenery!… Read More

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