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A lovely experience

4 May 2018

Thank you for having me and employing me, it has been truly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Babylangues to my friends. Read More

Transparency and Responsiveness

8 November 2017

I would definitely recommend Babylangues, and have already told friends that it is a great agency to work with because of its transparency, responsiveness and dependable way of operating. I love the organisation and efficiency of the company, and regret that I have to leave it. Read More

The Kids Are So Much Fun!

27 October 2017

The family is so nice and welcoming and the kids are so much fun. They formed an attachment to me really quickly (as did I to them!). I loved being able to teach them English as part of their daily lives. Read More

Flexible Work

22 November 2016

I would recommend Babylangues to my friends because of the supportive team and flexible work. It has been a great start to living in Paris. Read More

The One Year Review

21 July 2016

The one year review of one of our instructors! Thank you Jemma for sharing this year with us! You can read Jemmas'blog here. Read More

Work in Paris

30 June 2016

A very welcoming company to work in Paris, the company is well supported in every domain so questions, queries are attended welcomingly. Read More

A strong support system

17 May 2016

I'm studying in Paris. I applied to earn extra money, to get more experience teaching English and working in Paris with children. Read More

An easy job with extra help

28 April 2016

Babylangues offers a lot of support and extra activities. "They offered all the support they could give with regards to getting setup in Paris." Job Review… Read More

Bonne Année !!!

4 January 2016

Babylangues vous souhaite une Bonne année! Toute l’équipe Babylangues vous souhaite une bonne année 2016 ! En ce mois de Janvier, l’heure est au recommencement, au renouveau. Chacun prend de bonnes résolutions, se prépare à vivre une année différente. Rejoignez notre équipe! Vivez pleinement cette nouvelle année! The entire Babylangues Team wishes you a very happy 2016! This January is… Read More

Working was very satisfying

20 December 2015

"I chose to live in Paris to work with a journalist here. I applied to be a Babylangues instructor after seeing the offer on Craigslist."… Read More

A great job to have as a student!

20 December 2015

"I liked the fact that you could choose your working hours, as well as get reembursed for Velib pass. It also offered friendly staff and a fairly easy process in general."… Read More

The most positive experience!

19 December 2015

"I was doing an internship in Paris while working with Babylangues. This has really been the most positive experience about my time here in France."… Read More

“I felt very welcomed”

19 December 2015

"I was involved on a Study Abroad Program in Paris. I chose to apply to Babylangues for this sense of human and emotional sensibility. Read More

A satisfying job in Paris

19 December 2015

I did not speak French at the time I moved to Paris and so Babylangues seemed like a good opportunity to live and work in Paris. Babylangues is a professional company, the Skype interview went well; it allowed me to secure a job before my arrival in Paris, which provided some security. Read More

A great opportunity!

18 December 2015

"My time with Babylangues has been invaluable" Read Lydia's testimonial, one of our Instructors and a student at Sciences Po Paris. Read More

Teaching English

22 October 2015

I wanted a job where I could speak English. I decided to work for Babylangues when I first arrived in Paris. Read More


19 October 2015

Share the Babylangues Experience! Jemma, one of our Instructors, is writing a blog about her experience in Paris. Read what she has to say about us. Read More

Babylangues Review #1

25 September 2015

A BABYLANGUES REVIEW BY A FORMER INSTRUCTOR Interested in another Babylangues review? Read our Testimonials page. “I was based in Paris, I had a place in Ecole Duperre as an Erasmus embroidery student. I had previous experience working with children, I only wanted part-time work, I had very basic french, and Babylangues seemed like a very… Read More

A great part time job

28 January 2015

I chose to become a Babylangues instructor because I wanted to have a flexible part time job alongside my studies in Paris. Read More


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