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Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘A bout de souffle’

29 November 2017

Jean-Luc Godard’s first feature length film, A bout de souffle, (1960), is a seminal work of the Nouvelle Vague, and a classic example of the subtle humour and cinematographic grace of French cinema. Read More

French Book Recommendation: Corps et Biens

29 November 2017

Robert Desnos’ 1930 collection of poetry, Corps et biens, unites themes and styles from several different literary movements, meaning that while some of the poems have the feel of an epic romance, others explore the potential of a more illogical, surrealist style. His writing is an attempt to transcend the realm of the real, and to dissect the mechanics and… Read More

The French Faces of Father Christmas

22 November 2017

Americans call him Santa Claus, the British call him Father Christmas, in Italy he takes the form of a benevolent witch who delivers presents to every house, and in France he is Père or Papa Noël. The figure of Father Christmas has many faces, all with slightly different characteristics and features. Here, we will explore some of the different ways… Read More

Journée en Champagne

22 November 2017

Coming to France is one thing, but getting a true insight into its heritage is another! Enjoy a day of luxury, tasting the finest champagnes of the Champagne region in Reims!… Read More

Toolkit: Christmas Shopping

22 November 2017

Christmas will soon be upon us, a thought which turned our minds to the annual task of finding and buying presents for one’s friends and family. The idea of doing this in a foreign country may seem daunting, but we have compiled a list of shops and markets that you can visit, both in Paris and beyond, to make Christmas… Read More

Intraduisible #18

22 November 2017

Mise-en-abyme is one of those expressions that seems to crop up all the time, especially in academic writing, but whose meaning is a bit of a mystery, especially as its lack of equivalent in English means that it is never translated from the French. Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto #12

22 November 2017

Break out of the mould of “métro, boulot, dodo” (a French expression that, translated literally, means “Métro, work, sleep”) and get ready for “Métro, expo, resto”, as Babylangues introduces you to a new way of exploring the Paris Métro system. Read More

December Events

22 November 2017

This month, Paris gets excited for Christmas: it’s the season of hats, gloves and seeing your breath in the cold mornings, lights twinkling in the dark nights and shops full to bursting with presents and Christmas food. There are plenty of activities on offer, so we’ve compiled a selection of all the low cost events that can be enjoyed in… Read More

Bûche de Noël

22 November 2017

The ‘bûche de Noël’ is a traditional dessert that usually terminates the Christmas dinner in francophone countries and dates back to the Middle Ages. Read More

Christmas Song: ‘Vive le vent’

22 November 2017

'Jingle Bells' is one of the most famous Christmas songs of the English speaking world. Its popularity encouraged author and actor, Francis Blanche, to translate the lyrics into French in 1948. However, while the original talks about 'dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh', the translation conjures up images of pine forests and rural villages, full of… Read More


20 November 2017

Author Annie Ernaux’s 1983 work La Place explores her father’s life trajectory, from impoverished child to owner of a small épicerie, charting the social and historical changes that occurred throughout his lifetime and applying them to his personal experiences, attitudes and behaviour. Read More

Focus on … Annabelle

16 November 2017

It is the individuals that make up our Babylangues Community and each of them are all so talented, we feel that they deserve an article on our blog! Without further ado, we present… the Babylangues Profile!… Read More

Blagues Carambar #2 – French Joke

16 November 2017

The Carambar is a quintessentially French sweet. This chewy caramel candy has almost become a national image of France. In 1961 Carambar began to include jokes so that each sweet came with a riddle inside. These have now become particularly famous for their poor quality. The French have even created the expression ‘les blagues Carambar’ to refer to a bad… Read More

Intraduisible #17

9 November 2017

The adjective décomplexé is taken from the infinitive form décomplexer, whose meaning is formed from the prefix dé-, connoting removal or separation, and the noun complexe, which refers to a personal timidity or lack of self confidence. Read More

Transparency and Responsiveness

8 November 2017

I would definitely recommend Babylangues, and have already told friends that it is a great agency to work with because of its transparency, responsiveness and dependable way of operating. I love the organisation and efficiency of the company, and regret that I have to leave it. Read More

French Book: Nadja

6 November 2017

André Breton’s 1928 work Nadja, which is included in Le Monde’s top 100 books of the 20th century, is also a central work of the French Surrealist movement, and a detailed insight into the musings of an author desperately searching for a reality which transcends the material world. Read More


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