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November Events

31 October 2017

In this free exhibition, photographers Xavier Dauny et Guillaume Martial display their pictorial exploration of the landscape of France. Their photographs, although rooted in reality,… Read More

Metro-Expo-Resto #11

31 October 2017

Situated in the heart of Paris, the metro station Concorde has seen millions and millions of people pass through it, from all walks of Parisian… Read More

Châteaux of the Loire Valley

31 October 2017

Take this fantastic opportunity to discover the fairy-tale châteaux of the Loire Valley, stepping back in time to explore France’s royal past. Read More

Chauds les marrons

31 October 2017

Idioms are a vital part of every language for they add colour and imagery to your speech, therefore making it more expressive. Learning idioms in… Read More

Mon enfance

31 October 2017

The French singer Monique Andrée Serf, who went by the stage name Barbara, was renowned for her often melancholic songs about memories of lost lovers… Read More

Toolkit: Au Parc

31 October 2017

When working as a Babylangues instructor, going to the park is a fun way of adding a bit of variety and excitement into the children’s… Read More

Les Catherinettes

31 October 2017

In France, on the 25th November, unmarried women, referred to as ‘catherinettes’, would often be given strange hats and headdresses to wear for the whole… Read More

Tomber dans les pommes

27 October 2017

IDIOMS Idioms are a vital part of every language for they add colour and imagery to your speech, therefore making it more expressive. Learning idioms… Read More

Être une vraie girouette

27 October 2017

Idioms Idioms are a vital part of every language for they add colour and imagery to your speech, therefore making it more expressive. Learning idioms… Read More

Coq au vin

27 October 2017

Coq au vin is a signature dish of French cuisine as it combines numerous ingredients that are typically associated with France such as chicken, mushrooms,… Read More


26 October 2017

Aligot is a traditional dish that has its origins in the region of l’Aubrac in southern France. The story goes that aligot used to be… Read More

French book recommendation

23 October 2017

The novel ‘La Naissance du Jour’ (Break of Day) by French writer Colette is a favourite in the Babylangues office as an example of feminist… Read More

Focus on … Beth

20 October 2017

Some of you may know Beth as a member of our recruitment team here at Babylangues, but what you might not know is that she… Read More

French Book Recommendation

16 October 2017

The novel 'Bonjour tristesse' follows its teenage protagonist, Cécile, through the fateful weeks which mark the end of her childhood and the beginning of her… Read More

Soupe à l’oignon

6 October 2017

Now that the nights are drawing in and the days are getting colder, we thought that we would share a recipe for a classic French… Read More

Week-end en Belgique

2 October 2017

Why not take the opportunity to explore a different French-speaking culture by joining this weekend trip to Belgium, complete with canals, chocolate and beer!… Read More


“As I got to know the children I was working with- know what they liked and disliked, their hobbies and their sense of humour- working with them and teaching English in France became really enjoyable.”

— Sinead


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