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Intraduisible #13

Publié le 30 April 2016

LES « INTRADUISIBLES » Too French for translation… #13 L'ESPRIT D'ESCALIER English is yet to create any counterpart for this useful French term. Read More

An easy job with extra help

Publié le 28 April 2016

Babylangues offers a lot of support and extra activities. "They offered all the support they could give with regards to getting setup in Paris." Job … Read More

Intraduisible #12

Publié le 18 April 2016

INTRADUISIBLE #12 "Sortable" Too French for translation... "Sortable" is an adjective used exclusively in its negative form "pas sortable" to illustrate numerous different shortfalls in … Read More

Day Out to Fontainebleau

Publié le 1 April 2016

Join us as we discover the Château de Fontainebleau and its magnificent gardens. This picturesque building is surrounded by one hundred and thirty acres of … Read More