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Famous Women

29 February 2016

This month, retrace the footsteps of some of Paris’ most celebrated and acclaimed women and discover their personal achievements. Read More


29 February 2016

FRENCH RECIPE: GRATIN DAUPHINOIS - Gratin Dauphinois is a well-established recipe in France, most notably in the historic Dauphiné region in southeast France. Read More

Intraduisibles #5

12 February 2016

LES « INTRADUISIBLES » Too French for translation… #5 DÉBROUILLARD A positive adjective of great versatility in the French language. Read More

French Workshops

3 February 2016

French Expression and Diction Workshop (Music, Theatre and Poetry). Every Monday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. With our partner CIJP. Read More

Intraduisibles #4

3 February 2016

LES « INTRADUISIBLES » Too French for translation… #4 RETROUVAILLES For this noun captures the irrepressible joy experienced when you meet someone again after being… Read More

February Calendar

3 February 2016

February Calendar & Good deals: Carnaval de PARIS, Festival Ciné Junior, Taste of Paris, Paris Face cachée. Read More

Michel Galabru

3 February 2016

French Figure: Michel Galabru Michel Galabru, a French actor and writer, was born on 27th October 1922 in Safi, Morocco. He spent his childhood and… Read More


3 February 2016

Discover Paris: Places not to be missed. The best Crêperies in Paris… Read More


3 February 2016

Here is a delicious recipe that will get your taste buds going!… Read More

La Chandeleur

2 February 2016

La Chandeleur, known as Candlemas in English, is a festival that designates the midpoint of winter, halfway between the shortest day and the spring equinox. Read More


“You get to practice your French for free with ‘reliable’ strangers. Everyone is dynamic, passionate and eager to learn English/French.”

— Anastacia


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