Language Instructor jobs in France. Children aged 3 to 12. English teachers are welcome, but no teaching experience is required. Training provided.


In Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Nice, Rennes, Grenoble, Tours, La Rochelle, Strasbourg.

How many hours?

Part-time jobs from 5 to 25 hours per week. Flexible jobs to fit in around studies or other commitments, with a choice of hours to suit availability.


Apply online. A quick 3 step procedure. Just take a couple of minutes to fill out the application form and you will be contacted within 48 hours.

Find a job in France

With its method based on scientific research and carefully adapted to the different stages of childhood, Babylangues has become France’s leading specialist in early language acquisition and revolutionised the way children learn foreign languages through interactive activities taking place in their homes. Acclaimed by linguists and extensively covered in prestigious media outlets (BBC, NPR…), Babylangues recruits Anglophone instructors throughout the year and offers them the opportunity of a job in France, regardless of their level in French.

Become a Language Instructor

No prior teaching credentials are required to apply for our jobs in France and teach English, as all Babylangues Instructors are fully trained and provided with extensive pedagogical material upon joining the company. Over the course of their sessions, instructors introduce children to a range of fun activities (singing, dancing, drawing, etc.) and acquire invaluable professional skills to teach English as a second language. Furthermore, working with a French family is a great chance for instructors to improve their French and gain a first-hand insight into French culture.

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