English-speaking students, 3rd year abroad students, expatriates, gap year students, post-graduate students… No French required.
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Language Instructor jobs in France. Children aged 3 to 12. English teachers are welcome, but no teaching experience is required. Training provided.


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Part-time jobs from 5 to 25 hours per week. Build your own schedule to fit in around studies or other commitments.
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With its method based on scientific research and carefully adapted to the different stages of childhood, Babylangues has become France’s leading specialist in early language acquisition and revolutionised the way children learn foreign languages through interactive activities taking place in their homes. Acclaimed by linguists and extensively covered in prestigious media outlets (BBC, NPR…), Babylangues recruits Anglophone instructors throughout the year and offers them the opportunity of a job in France, regardless of their level in French.

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No prior teaching credentials are required to apply for our jobs in France and teach English, as all Babylangues Instructors are fully trained and provided with extensive pedagogical material upon joining the company. Over the course of their sessions, instructors introduce children to a range of fun activities (singing, dancing, drawing, etc.) and acquire invaluable professional skills to teach English as a second language. Furthermore, working with a French family is a great chance for instructors to improve their French and gain a first-hand insight into French culture.

“Paris is cool! I was on my Year Abroad in France, I had found an internship in Paris but was unpaid and therefore needed to find a job that paid as well and the person that did the same internship the year before recommended Babylangues. It seemed like a good job to do on top of my internship. I was a bit nervous but actually has been amazing.”

Alice, English Babylangues Instructor, April 28th 2016

“The best moment was when the parents sent me photos of me with the children and put me in their photo albums. It’s very lovely when the children actually speak English. And Babylangues kept putting me on boats which I appreciated!
Thank you for having me and employing me, it has been truly appreciated. I would definitely recommend Babylangues to my friends.”

Luca, Babylangues Instructor, January 25th 2017

“A great job to have and a good experience in terms of teaching. I have gained teaching skills.
It has been amazing to see the kid improve in english and warm to me after initially being very against the whole experience.
I would like to thank the entire Babylangues team! I really enjoyed teaching the child and made friends through the Babylangues training day.”

Deborah, English Babylangues Instructor, December 28th 2018

“I really enjoyed working with my family. They were friendly and generous, and their child was playful, sensitive and eager to learn. It is difficult to pick one enjoyable moment in particular, but if I had to, I would say that my favorite moment was every time I saw the little boy’s face light up with recognition and excitement when he saw me come to pick him up from school.”

Ila, Babylangues Instructor in Paris, 24th October 2017

“I’ve learnt an invaluable amount about living in a foreign city and about working with children in a different country. It will definitely make me much more comfortable travelling around Europe and it’s been a great starting point for life abroad. It was very comforting to have the initial knowledge that Babylangues would support me once I had arrived in France.”

Kathryn, Babylangues Instructor in Paris, 31st March 2017

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